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Iwate Presents: A Culinary Celebration


Date: March 9th ~ 19th,  2022

Miku Waterfront

Showcasing Iwate Produce with Aburi



Vancouver’s esteemed Miku restaurant will be featuring a limited-time Kaiseki(懐石料理)tasting menu showcasing the sustainable produce grown in the prefecture of Iwate. This elegant multi-course experience by Executive Chef Kazuhiro is inspired by Iwate’s regional crops and beautiful wagyu. We hope to share the fresh flavours of Iwate, its fresh produce, award-winning wagyu, and internationally-renowned sake, through Miku’s contemporary cuisine.


Where is Iwate?

Iwate Map

Iwate prefecture is located 500km north of Tokyo and is the second largest prefecture in Japan. Well-known for a variety of fresh local delicacies, this region is blessed with rich fertile soil well-suited for growing nutritious vegetables, fruits, and their especially famous high-quality short-grain rice. Surrounded by beautiful lands and a bountiful ocean, it is no wonder 1.25 million people have decided to call Iwate home.



The people of Iwate have always appreciated the land. As a show of respect, and an acknowledgement to the gifts that nature provides, Iwate holds sustainability as a core value. This is seen even in the region’s farming practices.


Traditional methods of farming revolving around quality and natural fertilizers are still used today. Small farms simultaneously growing rice, livestock, and other produce have created the sustainable farming cycle that is unique to Iwate. LEARN MORE›


Watch Iwate Sustainable Farming video below:

Iwate Gyu – Authentic Fullblood Wagyu Beef 




Ginga no Shizuku – Japanese Short Grain Rice




Nambu Bijin – Japanese Rice Wine Sake




Japanese Sugar Ringo – Iwate